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​The Write Effect has been operating since 2001, first in
the USA and then in Oxford, UK.

The company has two partners, Wendy Knerr and Jon Stacey.

Jon Stacey


Jon is British and has a background in marketing and publishing. He specializes in copy-editing, particularly of text written by non-native English-speakers, and in translation from French into English.


He has worked with a range of international development and global health NGOs and agencies, often stepping in under tight deadlines to help clients finish projects or meet donor reporting requirements on time and with high standards.


He also works as a volunteer at a local re-use/recycling charity called Orinoco (www.oxorinoco.org).

He has a BA in Modern Languages (French and German) from Exeter University.


Wendy Knerr


Wendy was born in the USA but has lived in the UK since 2005. She brings decades of experience in private-sector publishing and advertising to projects in global health and international development. Wendy is a: 


  • prolific writer/editor on sexual and reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, gender, poverty reduction, violence prevention, and parenting;

  • communications strategist for NGOs and development agencies; and

  • a researcher, offering systematic reviews and meta-analyses (based on Cochrane guidelines), and other forms of high-quality desk research.

Wendy has an MSc from the University of Oxford in Evidence-Based Social Intervention and a BA in Sociology from Ohio University.

​Her MSc thesis was a systematic review of programmes to prevent child maltreatment and improve parenting in developing countries. It was commissioned by the Medical Research Council of South Africa's Sexual Violence Research Initiative and published in the journal Prevention Science in Autumn 2012.


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